Off the shelf orthotics and stock

Your physiotherapist may suggest that you purchase orthotics or equipment to aid in your recovery

At Willaston Physio we hold a vast collection of stock items, they range from off the shelf orthotics (insoles) to support braces for your knee.

If we do not hold the stock item, we can order the item and you can collect from either of our clinics. We only order our stock from a few trusted suppliers that we have used for many years.  

An idea of the stock items that we hold or can order in for you are :

  • Off the shelf orthotics (insoles)
  • Heel raises
  • Knee and ankle supports
  • Shin supports
  • Elbow supports
  • Wrist support 
  • Massage balls
  • Physio exercise balls
  • Thumb spicas
  • Back and neck supports
  • Orthopeadic pillows
  • Sports Strapping tape
  • Heat packs
  • Sacroiliac support belts
  • Lumbar roll for lower back 
For a small charge you can also hire a TENS machine, your physiotherapist will be able to advise you. 

If you would like more information about stock items then please contact Pat at the clinic or email her on
 [email protected]