Sports Specific Rehabilitation

The Performance Matrix is now available at our Clinic with Paul Rushton.

The Peformance Matrix is the ultimate screening and retraining process for both normal movement dysfunction and for movement during sport. We are the only clinic offering this service in the North of England.

The Performance Matrix has been developed to enhance performance and decrease risk of injury and re-injury in not just athletes and sports people but all active individuals.

The process involves looking at and assessing an individual's stability in both normal movement and performance related situations, predicting the potential for faults and then designing a programme to help retrain and optimise their movement and performance.

One to one assessment involving 10 functional tests to identify increased risk of injury and potential performance deficits.

The unique features of the Matrix are;
•    An in depth screening that identifies uncontrolled movement and weak links
•    Evaluates low threshold and high threshold function
•    Weak links evaluate potential risk factors in movement control and therefore determines training priorities