Gait Analysis using our Dynamic 3D Foot Scanner
Dynamic 3D Foot Scanner

Willaston Physio and Sports Rehab are proud to introduce our new and exclusive DYNAMIC 3D FOOT SCANNER, which uses leading technology to record a full gait and biomechanical assessment and analysis package. The foot scanner allows an in-depth pressure analysis of the foot function and then the creation of customised orthotic insoles to make corrections to your foot profile and function.

Using a specialised, pressure sensitive unit on the floor, the client will stand, walk and crouch on the footscanner and using clever technology the results are passed to a computer where the data is processed and measured.

The data from the scan will show:

  • Abnormalities and asymmetries in your feet
  • Areas of high pressure within the foot which may be associated with pain in the hips and knees
  • Ability to monitor progress and improvements over a period of time
  • Catches data the eye can’t see using 1000 frames/second
From this data analysis, custom orthotics (footwear inserts) are created, making the minor adjustments to your stance and posture that will then correct any issues that you have been experiencing. Repeat reviews will then monitor the corrective process that the orthotics create.

The benefits of wearing bespoke orthotics?

  • Possible prevention of hip and knee surgery
  • Correction of hip,knee and lumbar spine posture
  • Joint pain reduction
  • Normalisation of gait
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