What We Treat

Back Pain
Sciatica – pain referred into buttock, leg and/or foot.
Chronic - stiffness
Acute – sudden onset
Disc prolapse – including post surgical treatment
Postural issues – scoliosis, kyphosis

Neck Pain
Acute – stiffness from trauma eg. Whiplash
Chronic – arthritis
Postural stress
Referred pain into shoulder or upper limbs

Joint Problems
Arthritis – osteoarthritis/rheumatoid arthritis

Sports Injuries
Trauma – soft tissue tears and severe sprains
Injury prevention advice
Muscle imbalance/dysfunction
Over- use through poor techniques or positions

Post Orthopaedic Surgery
Knee – menisectomy
Knee replacement
ACL/PCL repair
Hip replacement
Post- surgical fixation – upper and lower limbs
Gait rehabilitation

Work Related
Over use – tenosynovitis – wrist, tennis elbow/golfers elbow
Postural stress
Ergonomic input and advice
Manual handling advice

Female Urinary Incontinence
Pre and post natal – pelvic dysfunction
Pilates exercises

Chronic Pain Management
Movement confidence
Self-help advice
Self-help techniques
Trigger point release