Swedish Massage with Ellen Rose

How can a Swedish Massage help me?

Swedish massage focuses on tension in the muscles from performing daily activities. The whole body is treated and massaged but areas of tension are focused on. 

Swedish massage techniques can be applied at light, moderate or high pressure - allowing the therapist to tailor the massage from a very relaxing treatment to a more muscle tension based massage. It aims on treating the body as a whole and focusing on mental and physical wellbeing. 

A full body massage can reduce stress and anxiety levels, ease muscle tension in overworked muscles, improve sleep patterns and relieve pain. 

It is benficial for clients that spend a lot of their day working at a desk, driving, on their feet all day, manual work or doing repetitive tasks. It also ideal for clients that would prefer a more relaxing therapeutic massage than a Sports & Deep Tissue massage. 

Full Body Swedish Massage £35
Part Body Swedish Massage £20

They would make a perfect Christmas present, we are delighted to advise that we will keep the introductory prices for our Christmas Gift Vouchers. 

Ellen holds her clinics on a Wednesday and Thursday evening at Gateway House. Her Saturday clinics for the remainder of 2019 are:

26 October
23 November
21 December

If you would like to make an appointment, please call the admin team on 0151 327 3361