Steve Donigan Bsc. (HONS) MCSP AACP

We are delighted to welcome back Steve Donigan

Steve previously worked in the both private and public settings locally, he brings a wide variety of clinical skills that allow him to treat complex conditions safely and effectively. 

Throughout his career he has always been involved in sports physiotherapy mostly with rugby union with Birkenhead Park RFC 2008-2011, and representative teams of Cheshire County RFU.

Steve’s passion for physiotherapy was ignited during a visit to Australia and managed to gain some invaluable work experience with Brisbane Broncos of the NRL back in 2002.

Steve has a variety of post graduate training including certification in manual therapy and manipulation, myofascial release, acupuncture and dry needling. He also has training plus extensive experience in neurological physiotherapy. With the latest manual therapy skills he appropriately uses spinal and peripheral techniques, combined with needling, to get patients back to their best quickly and safely.

Steve left Willaston in 2016 to take on a role of Advanced Physiotherapist at the Gait Laboratory, North West Movement Analysis Centre at Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool. Whilst there Steve advanced his knowledge of gait analysis and biomechanics and gained further training from The European Society of Movement Analysis Centres (ESMAC) in Trondheim, Norway in September 2017.

Steve has a keen interest in gait and movement analysis and is using the MAT system to thoroughly assess and screen in order to prescribe accurate rehabilitation programs for injury prevention and improving efficiency; in athletes of all levels and sports from amateur -weekend warriors through to elite performers.

Steve has good links with several local Orthopaedic Consultants, GP's, Strength and Conditioning Coaches and PT's.

His current aim is to working closely with these professionals to build good working relationships in order to implement new services in orthopaedic rehabilitation, gait analysis, injury screening and prehab/rehabilitation programs at Willaston Physiotherapy.

The motivation for this is to ensure that athletes and clients are not only recovering from their injuries, but aiming to make them stronger than they have been before. So they can confidently return to sport, training and work.