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Paul Rushton, our Lower Limb Specialist treated Kate Elson from Mums 2 Marathons last year, have a read about how physiotherapy and Paul have helped her achieve her dream of running the London Marathon.

"I can't recommend Paul Rushton highly enough. He really is an expert, knowledgeable physioyherapist - without him the London Marathon would have been out of my reach. 
Despite gait analysis elsewhere, my over pronation went undiagnosed and as a result of the extra mileage during training my calf muscle ruptured - a grade 2 tear just 7 weeks before the marathon.
Paul Rushton spotted the over pronation immediately which meant I could get the correct type of trainers, gave me ultra sound treatment and massage treatment. He also explained the importance of strengthening my leg muscles as well as just running to train for the marathon which I hadn't even heard about. He taught me the exercises I needed which I did for 2 weeks, then he taught me the progressive exercises as my calf strengthened and healed.
Under Paul's expert care, I went from hobbling in pain to running 7 miles the week before the marathon and on the day I finished in 5:18 (and 5 seconds!) 
This was only possible because of the treatment I received from Paul Rushton at Willaston Physio - thank you so much. You gave me back my lifetime ambition of completing the London Marathon which  wasn't possible without the treatment I received. I'm looking forward to the custom orthotics I need so that my running can continue - there's no stopping me now."