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Golf is a sport with many health and well-being benefits, it is estimated that an 18 hole round of golf will amount to 6-8km of walking, requiring 8-12000 steps and a calorie burn of 1500!

Golf can be very demanding - requiring strength, endurance, explosive power and flexibility.

We are delighted to boast about our comprehensive service for golfers, designed to keep you on the course or help improve your game.

Our comprehensive service to our golf playing clients includes:

Core strengthening to improve balance, stability and power.
Physio treatments from fully qualified and experienced therapists
Customised golf shoe orthotics
Personal training developed to imprive your game
Sports Massage
Biomechanical screening to determine any physical and postural limitations which may cause direct injuries or affect your swing.

The effect of repeated large forces on the body can lead to many different injuries, which are often specific to certain areas, depending on their lead side.

Research has shown the main injuries golfers are prone to are lower back, wrist, elbows and shoulder. We can help alleviate the symptoms and prevent reoccurence by expert assessment and diagnosis, backed up by evidence based treatments in a fully equipped clinic on the Wirral. 

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