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Cheshire Phoenix held their last home game of  2016 on Sunday 18 December 2016, they played against Bristol Flyers and lost by only a few points, nail biting with lots of support from the fans. 

They held a Christmas party afterwards where the players attended which was a great opportunity for plenty of photos. The players had plenty of time to chat and take photos with the many adoring kids that were there.

My daughter, Ellie aged 13 has thoroughly enjoyed watching them play over the past couple of months and is now basket ball obsessed. She got a photo with all of the players, but after chatting to Jamell Anderson (captain of the team), she told me this morning, that he is inspirational and makes her want to be a better person. This as a Mum was great to hear, the players are fabulous role models and also proves how important sport can be and the effect it has on young minds. 

Wishing the team a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Sharon (Admin Team)