Linda Johnson MCSP

Special interest in the treatment of Stress incontinence and Pregnancy

Special Interest in the treatment of Stress incontinence and Pregnancy and Women’s Health.
Linda trained at Sheffield qualifying in 1981, she has worked at Willaston since 1996, having worked in outpatient physiotherapy at several hospitals including Murrayfield Spire for 10 years, Linda has also worked at GP clinics throughout the Wirral.
She is qualified and practised in the use of Mckenzie diagnosis and treatment for neck and back problems, more recently trained in the use of kinesiology taping for sports and other acute injuries.

We are delighted to announce that Linda won EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH

Linda won Employee of the Month for March 2017 by a large majority. Linda's kindness and compassion towards her patients makes her a very worthy winnder of this award. 

Linda consistently is a huge help to the Admin Team with clinical queries and will always try and fit in clients outside of her clinic hours. 

Thank you Linda.