Willaston Physio for Business, OH & Wellbeing Service

Occupational Health & Well-being Services that we offer:

Occupational Health Reportng (OHR Ltd)
We provide independent and comprehensive OH assessments and reports for employees who have more complex or long-term problems causing them to have prolonged sickness. Constructive guidance on return to work capabilities. We have access to a full team of Occupational Health Specialists.

DSE Assessments
Office based DSE Assessments offered to provide DSE Desk Assessments with full feedback report with any recommedations.

Occupational Health Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment
MSK Assessment and treatment plans for OH injuries or MSK conditions.

Pre-Employment Checks
We can offer two levels of pre-employment health assessments to provide you with comprehensive information relating to potential employees to ensure that they meet physical fitness and medical requirements of the role. This can be a paper-based assessment or attendance at the clinic for a full assessment. It can also include drug and alcohol screening.

Return to Work Assessments
Full assessment to produce clear and consise return to work plan. This service can be either Doctor or Physiotherapist led.

Ergonomic Assessments
Assessment of a task/factory line/job role with manual handling. Posture care and injury prevention recommendations. Employee specific with subjective and objective physical assessment and site visits to view tasks. A full report will be provided with recommendations. 

FLOURISH in the Workplace
Flourish is a Doctor-led service providing a tailored holistic approach to give confidence and support to achieve lifestyle goals. We will inspire and empower your employees to take control of their health. We can deliver worklplace programmes to help your business Flourish. The programmes will focus on improving lifestyle habits through education, workshops and physical sessions that can either be delivered in the workplace or off site. 

Addtional Services
Advanced/Ergonomic DSE Assessments
Drivers Medicals
Hearing loss/Audiology Assessments
Health Promotion initiatives/Spotlight days
Workplaced mini physio assessments
Workplaced mini sports & deep tissue massages

We all know that when it comes to investing in a health and well-being programme within your business the savings can be substantial and extend to more than monetary value. At Willaston Physio we are passionate about delivering a personal, professional and friendly level of Occupational Health and Well-being Services. 

If you would like to discuss further, please contact our Managing Director, Judith Callow on 0151 327 3361, alternatively you can send us an email [email protected]