Willaston Physio for Business

Willaston Physio for Business have designed Corporate Packages for you as an employer to prevent injury in the workplace and encourage health and fitness.

When it comes to investing in a wellness programme within your business the savings can be substantial and extend to more than monetary value. At Willaston Physio we are passionate about delivering a personal, professional and friendly level of physiotherapy and well-being services.

Our ethos at Willaston is simple we try at all times to provide end to end care for every patient by providing a full programme of services appropriate to the patients’ needs and expectations.
We think that you will agree, that there are countless physical, mental and emotional benefits that come with promoting health and well-being within your work place.

Focusing on prevention, employee wellbeing both physical and mental in addition to accurate diagnosis of pain and discomfort.

Providing functional work place assessments bespoke to your work place will give helpful advice and exercise plans to prevent injury.

Fewer than 1 in 10 UK organisations (8%) have a standalone well-being strategy that supports the business strategy, you could differentiate your business from others in your sector by investing in your employee’s health and have an advantage in attracting the right sort of people who match your VALUES who fit in with your work culture and help support the growth of your business.
We would like to help you actively promote your staff’s wellbeing which in turn will lead to
GREATER productivity, moral, engagement and reduced sickness absence.

Well-being can be anything from stress management, lifestyle advice, or health promotion
In return on your investment we aim to:

  • Increase staff well-being and their potential to increase productivity
  • Workforce will feel valued and appreciated
  • Increase workforce engagement
  • Deliver increasing value for money

Making an employee feel VALUED and APPRECIATED will not only increase their productivity but also their loyalty and appreciation of their own work.

We cannot say at this point that it will definitely save you money but will be effective in value added basis from the attraction of new staff to retention of your key workers.
What are your key concerns or questions?
So what are we offering and why is it different to other providers of similar packages.
We have 3 packages of care:

WILL Health

Within each of these packages we can design a bespoke package of care for your business. But we would suggest that a good place to start would be
·         Postural and Ergonomic assessment adapted to each job role.
·         Mental well-being assessment to identify work place stress
·         Basic Health check
Extras can be added into this:
·         Gait analysis
·         Joint and muscular diagnosis
·         Health and fitness plans for individual employees.

If you would like to discuss further, please contact our Sales Executive, Deb Gray on 0151 327 3361 or 07900 227156, alternatively you can email deb on deb@willastonphysio.co.uk