5k, 10k or a marathon? Or do you run for fun?
Are You Running The London Marathon?

Do you think you can run better? Are you experiencing any pain?

Are you in training? Have you any knee pain, ankle pain or hip pain? What about shin splints (acute pain in the shin and lower leg caused by prolonged running)? Do you live in the North West? Willaston Physio and Sports Rehab is a specialist Physiotherapy Centre based in Bromborough, Wirral and can help you train before the marathon AND more importantly, recover quickly after the event.

Willaston Physio and Sports Rehab operate across two clinics in Willaston and Bromborough in Wirral. Both clinics are fully equipped with several treatment rooms and the latest technology and equipment. The Bromborough clinic is purpose built and operates state-of-the-art treatment and equipment in a state of the art environment within Gateway House close to the Retail Park.

Our “Dynamic 3D Foot Scanner”, is an incredible piece of technology that offers a full gait and biomechanical assessment. During the dynamic (stationery, walking and running) pressure analysis 2D and 3D motion images are taken and analysed by specialist equipment. This analysis shows an in-depth pressure map of the foot function and associated limbs and muscles, determining any areas that need attention to relieve and prevent damage.

The data received will show:

·         Abnormalities and asymmetries in your feet
·         Areas of high pressure within the foot which may be associated with pain in the hips and knees
·         Ability to monitor progress and improvements over a period of time
·         Catches data the eye can’t see using 1000 frames/second!

ONLY £75

Included in the price is a fitting appointment and/or a 6 week review session. 

If you are struggling, have any concerns or just want to ensure there is no issue with the way you are running and want to prevent injury, then contact Willaston Physio and Sports Rehab NOW on 0151 327 3361